Post-bacc Programs

Most health professions programs require math and science courses as pre-requisites. While many students complete those requirements as part of their undergraduate studies, some pre-health students must or choose to complete those requirements after graduation. This can take the form of selected coursework or a more formal post-bacc program. Pre-health students should check admission requirements at all prospective institutions, and are also encouraged to work with academic, faculty, and career advisors to determine a plan based on their specific situation.

Students seeking to complete coursework or post-baccalaureate studies at Gonzaga University can find more information about non-degree-seeking student registration through the Office of the Registrar.

Post-baccalaureate programs begin after a student earns an undergraduate degree, and are designed to support the transition to medical school. These programs can address particular situations, such as academic record enhancement or career change, and some focus on supporting underrepresented students. Degrees vary from a certificate of completion to a master’s degree in biomedical sciences or a related academic discipline.

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