What should I major in?

Most health professions graduate programs do not require specific undergraduate majors. At Gonzaga, we strongly encourage you to choose a major that you are genuinely interested in studying. This will increase the likelihood of academic success, which is often a big factor in graduate school admissions.

What classes should I take? 

Health professions programs each determine their own admissions prerequisite coursework, but most require a strong foundation in the basic sciences. Based on best practices and available information, H3P has developed the following recommendations for courses students should complete based on their pre-health interest. Students should use this list of recommended coursework as a guide, and work with their faculty advisor and/or the Office of Academic Advising & Assistance to determine an academic plan that best fits their individual needs and goals.


What if I still have questions about what classes to take?

Students are encouraged to first meet with their faculty advisor. For additional questions about pre-health prerequisites, please make an appointment with H3P (via ZagsIgnite) or Academic Advising & Assistance (