What should I major in?

Most health professions graduate programs do not require specific undergraduate majors. At Gonzaga, we strongly encourage you to choose a major that you are genuinely interested in studying. This will increase the likelihood of academic success, which is often a big factor in graduate school admissions.

Health professions programs each determine their own admissions prerequisite coursework, but most require a strong foundation in the basic sciences. Based on best practices and ongoing communication with various health professions programs, we recommend students take the following courses regardless of their major:

2 Semesters of Biology:

  • Information Flow in Biological Systems and Lab
  • Energy Flow in Biological Systems

4 Semesters of Chemistry:

  • General Chemistry and Lab
  • Organic Chemistry I and Lab
  • Organic Chemistry II and Lab
  • Biochemistry and Lab

2 Semesters of Physics:

  • General Physics and Lab or Scientific Physics and Lab
  • General Physics II and Lab or Scientific Physics II and Lab

1 Semester of Math:

  • Introductory Statistics (preferred) or Survey of Calculus or Calculus and Analytic Geometry

Due to the varied nature of admission requirements and recommendations for different fields and programs, the following courses are also suggested:

  • Genetics and Lab
  • Physiology and Biodiversity or Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II
  • Inorganic Chemistry and General Chemistry Lab II
  • Introduction to Microbiology or Microbiology

If you have questions about which courses to take, or the timing of the courses, please make an appointment with Dr. Kevin Measor ( or Danielle Teague ( in Academic Advising & Assistance.