Campus Partners

The Health Professions Pathways Program collaborates with many offices, programs, and departments on campus to support students seeking a career in healthcare. These campus partners work to shape an environment where each student can achieve success in developing their pre-health core competencies. The following are some of the campus partners where students find assistance:

Faculty Advisors

All students at Gonzaga are assigned a faculty advisor that will guide them through their time at Gonzaga. Students meet with their advisor every semester to discuss registration for the following semester and review their overall academic plan. Faculty advisors also provide mentorship and guidance in career planning and preparation for graduate school. Pre-health students often ask their faculty advisors to participate in the graduate school recommendation letter process as someone who has witnessed their growth.

Career & Professional Development

In addition to serving as the home for the Health Professions Pathways Program, CPD helps students and alumni at all stages of their educational and career journey. Students can schedule individual appointments, attend workshops and events, and access resources related to choosing a major or career, preparing professional documents such as resumes and cover letters, applying for internships and jobs, interview preparation, graduate school applications, job offer negotiation, and more.

Academic Advising and Assistance

The AAA office includes several professional advisors that work with students as they navigate their academic careers. Advisors can help pre-health students with course registration and academic planning, and work with students who are struggling academically.

The Center for Community Engagement

Honoring the Jesuit commitment to social justice and solidarity, CCE coordinates Gonzaga’s community service engagement. The center provides opportunities for students to get involved in service-learning courses, participate in community-based volunteer programs, and develop individual outreach opportunities based on students' passions.

Comprehensive Leadership Program

CLP is a competitive selection program with a goal to develop students to become future leaders with the skills and tenacity to shape a better, stronger, and more just world. It is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program, culminating in a minor in Leadership Studies, which combines academic coursework with reflective self-study and co-curricular activities.

Diversity, Inclusion, Community & Equity

Through the Unity Multicultural Education Center and the Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource Center, DICE advocates for underrepresented students and provides experiential learning opportunities for all students in order to create a university community that integrates and values multiple perspectives and cultural narratives. Pre-health students can get involved in programs, mentorship, and other experiences including the BRIDGE Social Justice and Leadership Institute, Social Justice Peer Education, and Intergroup Dialogue to develop cultural fluency and build community at Gonzaga.

Global Engagement

Gonzaga encourages all of its students to study abroad if they have the chance. Many of the pre-health students choose study abroad options where they can increase their cross-cultural competency, participate in immersive language learning, or gain knowledge of international healthcare systems. Some students choose programs that offer courses that are directly beneficial to their goals in a healthcare profession (i.e. the world-class course in Anatomy offered at the University of Glasgow)

Learning Studio

The Learning Studio offers general and course specific tutoring. Pre-health students often use the tutoring services for assistance in their basic science courses along with working with the students to develop good study habits and efficient time management.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides a focused environment for students to work on personal statements, application essays, and other reflective activities. Students can schedule one-on-one sessions with a writing tutor for assistance with initial brainstorming, drafting, and final editing.