Fall 2020

December 11, 2020:

Finals are here and the semester is almost over. We at CPD, are so proud of what our students have accomplished this semester, and recognize that now is the time to recharge. With that in mind, for the last Fired Up Friday of the semester, we are offering highlights on how to relax, restore, and maintain balance. After all, self care is an important part of your professional development!

A pile of rounded stones balance neatly stacked on top of one another in front of a glittering waterfront. Underneath, text reads: 'Creating a Work-Play Balance.'

Finals are a good example of how we can sometimes push ourselves to neglect our care in favor of working to excess. Knowing how to balance when to work and when to play, is a big part of success not only as a student, but as a professional. Read our How To Create a Work-Place Balance post on our blog

A red pillow leans against a window, with a tray sitting in front of it. On the tray, a cup of cocoa brimming with marshmallows rests on a book, and a candle flickers beside it. Underneath, text reads: 'Self Care Ideas.'

Sometimes even knowing how to relax can feel like a different kind of work, so we've done some of the heavy lifting for you. Check out our Pinterest board dedicated to ideas for self-care this winter.

A person wearing a gray hooded sweater and a black knitted hat sits on a peak of rocks with his back facing the camera. In front of him, peaks of distant mountains just crest above waves of pink and orange tinted clouds. Underneath, text reads: 'Wellness Toolkit from CCP.'

Don't just take it from us- there are lots of campus resources to help you manage wellness on campus. One of our favorites is the Wellness Toolbox provided by CCP.

December 4, 2020:

We hope you had a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving break! As we get close to the end of the semester, CPD has some exciting online programs to keep you engaged all winter. The Seattle and Portland Treks return this January, and we chat with Vicki Hucke about how these benefit students and what to look forward to this year. Additionally, we provide some more tips to help keep your productive during break. Dive in below!

Two city scape photos are placed next to each other. On the right is the Seattle skyline, with the Space Needle prominent. On the left is the Portland cityscape, with Mount Hood prominent. Beneath, text reads: Register Now for Seattle and Portland Treks,

The Seattle and Portland Treks are open for registration! Mark your calendar for these events which include a virtual career fair and networking social. This is an excellent opportunity to network, explore, and learn from employers and alumni all from your computer. RSVP on ZagsIgnite today!

Vicki Hucke smiles for the camera. Beneath, the text reads: 'Learn About Treks with Vicki'

If you haven't heard of the Treks, or want to know what a virtual trek will include, we've got the interview for you! Read our interview with CPD team member and Trek coordinator, Vicki Hucke on our blog.

Seen from behind, a person in a puffy winter coat and white knitted hat waits for the walk signal at a snow intersection. They wear a backpack and look slightly left as the traffic goes by. Underneath, the text reads: 'Make the Most of Winter Break'

The Seattle and Portland Treks are just one of the great things you can do to make the most of your winter break. For other ideas, check out our Pinterest board to utilize the downtime after finals.

November 20, 2020:

Did you know Career & Professional Development has resources for post-bachelors education? Well now you do! This week we feature some of our favorite graduate and professional school resources with you, including a full playlist of videos on grad school, an interview with our resident grad advisor, and a link to the post-grad resources specifically for those in the health professions. Check it all out!

A pair of half-wire half-tortoise shell glasses sit on a stack of three books. Text beneath the image reads: 'Grad & Professional School Videos.'

There are lots of things to consider when looking into graduate or professional school. To help you make sense of it all, we put together a series of videos that discuss everything from researching schools to financial considerations. Watch them all on YouTube.

Katherine Brackmann stands in front of a brick pillar wearing a white blouse and a navy blazer. The text underneath reads: 'Grad Advice from Katherine.'

Each of CPD's career coaches are happy to help with graduate and professional school questions, and for this week we chatted with Katherine Brackmann who oversees our graduate assistant programs. Read that interview on our blog.

A medical professional just off camera fills a test tube using a plastic syringe. The text underneath reads: 'Health Professions Pathways Program.'

For students going into or interested in the healthcare professions, we have a website dedicated to helping prepare for and pursue graduate education. Visit the Health Professions Pathways Program site for more.

November 13, 2020:

We have made it halfway through the semester, and you might be thinking of what your future holds. You're in luck, because this week in Career and Professional Development we are discussing ways that you can build professional experience while you're still a student. We have a video that highlights ways that you can start doing this as soon as you can, because it is never too early to start. We also interviewed Anthony Medina who is the assistant Director of the Center for Community Engagement at Gonzaga, and he shared the ways that you can get involved in your communities to start building your resume as well. Once you are ready to start, we'll connect you with CCE's platform to find volunteer opportunities.

A resume sits across the keyboard of a laptop. Underneath, the text reads: 'Building Professional Experience as a Student'

Wondering the different ways that you start building your resume, that will have an impact? We listed some of the BEST things you can do in our latest video. Check it out here.

A man with gloves drives a shovel into the dirt of a garden with a woman standing nearby. Not far behind them another person bends over a plant. The text underneath reads: 'Getting to Know CCE'

We love getting to know our campus partners, and we know you'll want to hear about them, too! We interviewed the Center for Community Engagement's Anthony Medina to talk about the volunteer experiences they help coordinate and ways you can serve others. Read that interview on our blog.

Several people with face masks assemble bags of food for those in need. Text beneath says, 'Finding Ways to Volunteer.'

When you are ready to get started giving back, CCE has just the place for you! Look for volunteer opportunities on their platform, Gonzaga Connected.

November 6, 2020:

The recent election may have you thinking more about our government, how it works, and what you can do as part of it. This week, we introduce you to Career & Professional Development Recruiter-in-Residence, Patty Hetu-Tkacik and highlight an upcoming event she is helping coordinate to explore some of the career paths in government. We also provide some tips on how you can get started in pursuing a government career as a student.

Patty Hetu-Tkacik smiles into the camera, with a blue a gold shawl over her shoulders. Beneath, the text reads: 'Interview with Patty Hetu-Tkacik'

If you haven't met before, allow us to introduce you to CPD's Recruiter-in-Residence and retired CIA member, Patty Hetu-Tacik (pronounced heh-too ta-sik). We chatted with her to talk about careers in government, how to pursue it as a student, and invite you to the Armed Forces panel. Read our interview on our blog

A young woman in military fatigues sits on the steps in front of her house. She looks intently at the camera with a calm expression. Beneath her, the text reads: 'Armed Forces Virtual Panel.'

If you are interested in a career in government, we recommend joining us for the second annual Armed Forces Panel. Representatives from the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines will discuss their experiences in this virtual Q&A session. RSVP here to attend.

Three columns stretch up into a bright sky on the front of a marble federal building. The roof at the top of the columns has an eagle emblem carved into it. Beneath, the text reads: 'Interested in a Government Career?'

You may think that a career in government is something you experience after graduation. We recommend getting a jump on it instead! If you aren't sure how, watch our short video on steps you can take today.

October 30, 2020:

Career Month is wrapped up! To close out, we have highlighted a plethora of resources and ideas to ensure student success following the many career building opportunities available this month, including our Treks, Career Fairs, and various other events. Fired Up Friday this week shares a blog post that shares tips and tricks in navigating Thank You Messages, a video that gives guidance on Career Fair follow up, and a link to a great resource called InterviewStream.

A white card rests on a dark wood table next to a pen. 'Thanks!' is written in beautiful calligraphy on the front of the card. Underneath, text reads: 'Tips for Employer Thank You Messages.'

Wondering how to build upon the connections you made throughout our various career fairs and digital treks? A great way is to practice writing and sending thank you cards to those you have interviewed with, sought guidance from, or networked with. Check out our blog post for resources in making your follow up stand out!

A pair of legs in orange sneakers walk up a flight of blue metal stairs. Underneath, text reads: 'Post Fair Steps to Further Your Career'

Many students attended one of our career fairs this month and are seeking tools to continue the process of building a professional network after getting this experience. Check out our video to get some information on how to accomplish this.

A pair of headphones are draped over the end of a standing microphone. Nearby, a laptop sits open, with audio editing software just visible. Beneath the text reads: 'Practice Interviewing on InterviewStream.'

Having met with employers at the career fairs, you may be wondering about future interviews. Practice is one of the keys to having an excellent interview, and you can practice real interview questions at home by logging on to InterviewStream. Try it out today.


October 16, 2020:

It is week two of Career Month and we have THREE FAIRS coming up on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd! Phew! That's a lot of opportunities to meet organization reps, learn about opportunities, and expand your network. We don't want you to miss out on any of them, so we have links below to get you registered, tips to keep your resume polished, and an opportunity for free Starbucks! Read about it all below.

A woman with her hair up in a bun sits with her back to the camera. Across the table in front of her, a man leans back seeming to be listening to her. Underneath, the text reads: 'Virtual Mock Career & Interview Fair'

Practice is so important to gaining confidence, and we want you to be confident going into a virtual career fair! To help with that, we've created the Virtual Mock Career & Interview Fair taking place on Tuesday. Join us online to practice using the virtual career platform and answering common interview questions provided by CPD staff. RSVP on ZagsIgnite today!

A clipboard rests on a white marble counter. The paper on the clipboard reads: 'My Resume' with blank space underneath. A pen sits ready beside the clipboard. Underneath, the text reads: 'Polish Your Resume.'

The virtual career fairs are an excellent opportunity to meet with recruiters, and using the online platform allows recruiters to view your resume more easily. Make sure your resume is ready for that next position by  viewing our resume videos.

A row of coffee cups with floral designs swirled in the top foam, line a dark wood table flanked by small plants. The text underneath reads: 'Welcome Back Career Cafe.'

After attending the Career Fairs, you may be tempted to put your career development on the backburner. We know the best way to pursue your career goals, though, is steadily over time so we have a few videos to keep you acquainted with our services at the Welcome Back Career Café. As a bonus, the first 400 students to complete this short blackboard course, will receive a $5 Starbucks coupon courtesy of Sodexo. Interested? RSVP on ZagsIgnite today or email us.


October 9, 2020:

We're one week into Career Month and we have some exciting events coming up quickly! Our annual Post-Grad Service, All Majors, and Engineering & Computer Science fairs will be back starting next week. We are also excited to introduce the Mock Career & Interview Fair and the Welcome Back Café. Check out our links below to learn more and help prepare to dive into this October.

A filament bulb shines brightly in front a black background filled with soft spots of warm light. The text beneath reads: 'What is Career Month'?

Whether you have heard of Career Month, or this is your first time, we have some exciting news to share with you. In addition to our annual fairs, we've added two new events you should know about. Learn more by watching our video about Career Month.

A clock reading 3:00 sits on a white desk next to a pen and a closed notebook. Underneath, text reads: 'Career Fair Etiquette.'

Getting ready for the career fairs is easy with our tips! Polish up your resume and read our quick list on Career Fair Etiquette.

Just past the thin leaves of a plant, a corkboard calendar is visible on the wall. Text underneath reads: 'RSVP to Career Month Events.'

Feel ready to dive into Career Month? Us, too! Log in to ZagsIgnite and check out the Events lists to RSVP to all the Career Month Fairs!


October 2, 2020:

October marks the start of Career & Professional Development's annual Career Month! Each week this month we'll be showcasing the events, resources, and opportunities available in October including virtual career fairs, speed mock interviews, and more!

Brightly colored post-it are stuck in rows on a white wall, with writing (not legible) on each one. The text below reads: 'Researching Companies'

With career fairs quickly approaching, you might want to start learning more about participating organizations. Learn tips and strategies by watch our YouTube video on Researching Employers and Organizations.

A screen capture of two people in a Zoom meeting. There is a man on the left and a woman on the right, and she appears to be laughing as he smiled. Beneath the text reads: 'Virtual Career Fair Resources.'

If you haven't attended a virtual career fair, you may be wondering how that works. We have you covered! Log in to ZagsIgnite and go to the Document Library for how-to videos, tips sheets, and more!

A close up on an iPhone screen, with several icons for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. The text underneath reads: 'Tips to Keep Your Social Media Account Professional.'

While you are looking into companies, it's worth remembering they might want to look into you, too! Make sure your social media presence shines by reviewing our Tips for Keeping Your Social Media Professional.


September 25, 2020: Getting Organized

Continuing on the theme of getting settled into the new semester, Fired Up Friday aims to provide an in-depth look at the current services and opportunities provided by Career and Professional Development. To highlight this, we have interviewed the current Assistant Vice President of our department, compiled resources for organizational tips on our Pinterest, and provided information on where you can get a Gonzaga student planner.

Portrait photo of Ray Angle. Underneath is text which reads: 'Career Development & Virtual Services'

O. Ray Angle is a pillar within the CPD who provided us with some insights into how we are providing services for current students and alumni while navigating through the hybrid semester. Read our interview with him on our blog.

Photo of a stack of books and binders on the concrete corner of an outside planter box. A cup of coffee sits beside the stack. Underneath, text reads: 'Gonzaga Student Planners for 2020-2021'

If you haven't started your planner for the new year, now is the time! Check out this morning mail announcement from Student Media on how to get your Gonzaga student planner.

A young woman in glasses holds a cup of coffee and leans over her laptop. On the bed next to her is an open book. Underneath, the text reads: 'Organize Your Year.'

Each new semester provides us with an opportunity to improve on our previous skills in addition to being a fresh start in establishing smarter habits to maximize productivity and success. Check out our Pinterest to see our collection of Pins that can help guide you through this process.


September 4, 2020: Welcome Back, Zags!

Can you believe it's the start of fall already? Neither can we, but we are so excited to bring you a new year full of career development resources, programs, and opportunities! To start of a new year of Fired Up Friday, we have a welcome message just for you (with some tips as well!). We also want to introduce you to our new platform, ZagsIgnite! If that wasn't enough, we're also sharing our suggested four year plan to help you navigate career development every year of your undergrad education.

A young man with his parents walks across campus. The trees are just starting to turn red. Below, the text reads: 'Welcome Back, Zags!'

We can't tell you how happy we are to be back to a new year- well, actually, we can! Watch our quick welcome back video!

Screen capture photo of the homepage of ZagsIgnite, which shows the front of college hall and a menu asking for user type (Student/Alumni, Employer, or Faculty). Beneath the text reads:

If you want to book an appointment with a career coach, see which employers are registered for a career fair, or just know when the career fair is, you can find all that and more with our new online platform, ZagsIgnite! Log in today with your Gonzaga email and password

Photo close up of a planner with a rose gold pen sitting above. The text underneath reads:

A new year means a fresh new planner, and we have some tasks you can write in today! As you plan out your Gonzaga experience, make sure to include these suggested steps to help you navigate your career development.