Wellness Toolbox

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Wellness Toolbox

Pursuing a degree can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a big transition that comes with its fair share of challenges and personal growth opportunities.  The Wellness Toolbox includes great resources, media, apps, and tools in each of the areas where we see our students looking for assistance and growth.  You will find a plethora of information to help you or a friend by clicking on any of the boxes below.

Drinking does not define what it means to be a Zag. Many students at Gonzaga do not drink, but if you do, check out some resources to learn more about the effects of alcohol and tips for how to consume in less harmful or risky ways.


Experiencing some level of anxiety is a normal human reaction to uncertainty, stressful situations, or changes in your life. Whether you are looking to better manage normal levels of anxiety or if it is interfering with your life, we have tools to help.


Body image--or how you perceive and feel in your own body--affects all of us and is shaped by a number of influences and experiences.  We have resources available for you to help improve your own body image or help a friend who is struggling.


We all have rough days now and then.  It's ok to be sad or unhappy for short periods of time.  If you've been feeling this way for a while, you may be struggling with depression.  Learn more about depression and available support.


Educating yourself about drugs can help you reflect on the role that you may or may not want substances to play in your life.  Learn more about related risks and resources available to support students who want to make changes or stop using drugs altogether.


Grief can be experienced in a number of situations--loss of a loved one, a failed relationship, or closing a chapter in your life.  We have resources to support you as you process whatever loss you are experiencing so you can begin the healing process.


Community is an important part of being a Zag.  We envision a diverse University community that welcomes people from all backgrounds.  To do this, we must learn more about our own as well as different identities and worldviews.


Maintaining balance--or making time for the things you value as a student--can be difficult.  Multiple resources below help you better understand how to identify those priorities and strategies for achieving the balance you desire.


While the majority of Gonzaga students choose not to use marijuana, it is legal for some folks in Washington.  Understanding more about cannabis and identifying resources that can help people cut back or quit may help you make decisions about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Mindfulness is a great set of tools for Gonzaga students to help manage the everyday experiences and emotions that come with being a student.  It takes practice, but we've got the tools to get you started and keep you going!


Whether it's overcoming obstacles, setting new goals, or identifying areas for self-improvement, we all have opportunities to grow.  We've gathered a number of tools and resources to help you achieve that growth and increase your personal resilience.


Building and maintaining relationships is one of the best parts of the college experience.  Learn more about what makes a healthy relationship and recognize warning signs that a relationship may have become unhealthy.


Sexual misconduct can take many forms including intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.  Learn more about what sexual misconduct is and how you can help stop this on our campus.


Like most college students, Zags report that they struggle to get enough sleep.  Improving your sleep can help in all areas of your wellness--health, academics, relationships, and more.


Pursuing your degree can be stressful at times.  Whether you're looking for tips to reduce your stress, improve how you handle stress, or help a friend, we've got tools for you.

Your time as a Zag will be full of transitions, which can be both exciting and challenging.  Fortunately, we've got people and resources to help you manage those transitions so you can enjoy all GU has to offer.