Spring 2020

May 8, 2020: Summer at CPD

It is the last week of Fired Up Friday for the academic year- but don't worry, we'll be back with more tips, interviews, and resources in the fall. To help set you up for a professionally rich summer, we've highlighted a summer Trek, tips for to keep busy, and for our new graduates, information about the First Destination survey. Click on each image to access the resource.

CPD and Alumni is excited to host the second annual Los Angeles Trek! Great for students interested in working in LA or nationally, corporate hosts will present, network, and provide valuable insights for Gonzaga students! Register today on Handshake!

Summer is the time to unwind, but it is also a chance to contribute to your career development. Check out our short video on how to make the most of your summer!

If you are a senior, you may be getting an invite to take the First Destination survey soon- but what is First Destination? Check out the reports online, which explain where Gonzaga students go after graduation.



May 1, 2020: Making Connections

While much of our interactions have become virtual, the amount of time we spend interacting and who we interact with remains an important part of our daily lives. This week, we are looking at networking-- how to network, why we should, and what resources we have for students. Click on each image to access the resource.

Erin Shields is not only a CPD team member, but part of the Alumni Relations Team. If anyone knows a thing or two about networking, it's her. Read our interview with her on our blog.

Don't you wish there was a professional place to connect with Zags? Wait- there is! Join ZagsConnect, the online mentoring and networking platform specifically for Gonzaga students, alum, and friends of the University. Set up your profile and get connected today!

Have you ever heard of informational interviewing? Don't worry, you don't have to bring your resume, this is your chance to ask the questions. Download this tip sheet from to learn how!



April 24, 2020: Zags Working Remotely - Week 4

This is the last week of our focus on working remotely. We wrap up this series with one more alumni interview some tips from LinkedIn on perfecting your profile, and a collection of our favorite podcasts for while you push through the last weeks of Spring semester. Click on each image to access the resource.

Close up photo of Shelby Wells smiling for the camera. Text underneath reads: 'Alumni Interview'.

Alum Shelby Wells is both a Gonzaga grad and CPD alum- who better to learn about working remotely? Read our interview with her on our blog.

Photo of a hand holding a smart phone. The phone's screen is clearly visible with the LinkedIn logo and login button. Text underneath reads: 'Polish Your LinkedIn Profile.'

Is your LinkedIn page ready for recruiting? Download this tip sheet from LinkedIn to help your profile stand out.

Close up photo of laptop trackpad, with a pair of black-rimmed glasses and white ear buds sitting on the keyboard. Text underneath reads: 'Productive Podcasts.'

Just because your eyes are focused on a project, doesn't mean your ears can't take a new adventure! Explore our list of recommended podcasts.


April 17, 2020: Zags Working Remotely - Week 3

It is week three of our four week series on working remotely. We have an new alumni interview, ideas for helping stay fit while staying at your desk, and tips for making the most of your remote working time. Click on each image to access the resource.

Image of David Machado sitting on a rocky outcropping. The sky above is cloudy but bright. Beneath the image, text reads: 'Alumni Interview'.

A familiar last name checking in from a familiar place? Read our interview with 2010 alum, David Machado.

A young woman stands in front of a window with her back to the camera, stretching her arm up above her head. Beneath her, text reads: 'Desk Exercises.'

We are spending more times at our desks these days- how about you? Let's make sure we keep our bodies healthy as we exercise our brains.

A woman sits at a table in what could be a cafe or a dining room. She smiles at the camera, with her laptop on the table and her phone in one hand. Beneath her, text reads: 'Working Effectively at Home.'

Working from home is a great opportunity to revamp and streamline your habits.  Watch our short video of tips to get started on being the most effective you yet!


April 10, 2020: Zags Working Remotely - Week 2

Continuing our resources to help students working remote, we're continuing our interviews with Zags who work remotely, and sharing resources to navigate Zoom and add some fun, Gonzaga backgrounds for your online meetings. Click on each image to access the resource.

A photo of Antonella Mediati sitting at her desk, turned to the camera. Text underneath reads: 'Alumni Interview'

This alum may be our most long-distance interview yet- all the way from Paris, France! Read our interview with 1996 alum, Antontella Mediati.


April 3, 2020: Zags Working Remotely - Week 1

Working remotely is an increasingly popular option in the working world that has become necessary during the global COVID-19 pandemic. To help you better understand how to succeed in remote work, we're providing tips for online meetings, home office inspiration, and interviews with Zags who have been working remotely. Click on each image to access the resource.

A photo of Christine Machado. Text underneath reads: 'Alumni Interview'

Want to know a Zag experience working remotely? Read our interview with 2010 alum, Christine Machado.

Photo of a desk with a laptop, cup of coffee, and whiteboard sitting on top. Text below reads: 'Home Office Inspiration'

Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration as you set up your home office and study space.