Prasad Yenumula, Ph.D.

Dr. Prasad Yenumula teaches several of Gonzaga’s T&D Engineering courses as an adjunct Professor as well as being a Principal Engineer with Duke Energy in Raleigh, NC.  At Duke, he works in the System Standards group responsible for the enterprise line engineering standards.  Dr. Yenumula has 23 years experience in the power industry responsible for design, analysis of multi-million dollar transmission line projects. He is well known in the industry for his significant contributions in the area of transmission line design.

Dr. Yenumula teaches the Transmission Line Design- Introduction (TADP 540) & Advanced courses (TADP 640). He also teaches three other courses TADP 549-Transmission Line Structures and Foundations, TADP 542-Substation Design course and TADP 548-Electrical aspects of Transmission line design courses along with the other faulty. He is one of founding faculty members of Gonzaga T&D Program. He is also the transmission advisor for T&D master’s students.

Dr. Yenumula earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in Civil Engineering and MBA in Global Management. With a postdoctoral fellowship in engineering, he published more than 50 research papers in various journals and conferences.  His book, Design of Electrical Transmission Lines - Structures and Foundations, is used by universities and power engineers as a reference guide for civil engineering aspects in transmission design. He also teaches business students.

Dr. Yenumula actively participates, contributes and leads various national & international industry organizations and standard committees in the power industry:

  • He is currently the Chairman of the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) - Line Design Task Force and of the CEATI (Center for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation)-TODEM Interest Group. He is also steering committee member of the CEATI.
  • He is a member of National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) - SC-5, EEI (Edison Electric Institute)’s NESC/EURC Task Force, ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), ISSMGE (International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering), SEI (Structural Engineering Institute) and DFI (Deep Foundation Institute). He is Duke’s Industry Advisor to NATF (North American Transmission Forum), NEETRAC (National Electrical Energy Testing, Research, and Applications Center, Georgia Tech), EPRI and CEATI.
  • He is also a member of other national standard committees such as ASCE 10 on lattice towers, ANSI C29 on insulators (EEI Delegate), DFI’s Technical Committee on Electric Power Systems Foundation and ASCE-FRP Blue Ribbon Panel review team.

Dr. Yenumula made several presentations at the industry forums and conferences which include key note lectures, invited lectures, panel member presentations, and reviewed research articles for Journals and Conferences, served as an examiner for doctoral thesis, and worked as chair for conferences. He offered several training classes in the area of line design. He received sixteen awards for his engineering, research and teaching efforts which include best Ph.D. thesis, best papers, Operational Excellence, Exceptional contributions, and four Faculty of the Year awards.


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