B.A. Computer Science & Computational Thinking Degree Requirements

In addition to fundamental computer science and mathematics courses, BACSCT students choose a single Discipline for Computational Thinking (DCT) from available programs in the arts, humanities, or natural sciences.

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Students will take at least 12 credits from their DCT; advisors recommend that students complete their DCT courses in their first three years of Gonzaga.

BACSCT students also choose 18 credits of computer science electives. Many of these electives could be relevant to particular DCTs.

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See degree requirements in the current Gonzaga Undergraduate Catalog.

Senior Design

All computer science seniors participate in a year-long team project that combines a real project with a diverse group of experienced professionals. No two projects are alike! See CEDE Senior Design for more information. Below is a sample project that students have worked on.

computer science project

Gonzaga Chatbot using RASA Framework

Sponsor: Cynthia Freeman, Verint Systems
Challenge: Develop a chatbot that recognizes/responds to at least 250 possible user goals.
Design: Integrate RASA framework to a mockup of GU's website, leveraging machine learning models from Hugging Face and clustering techniques on SciKit-Learn.