Student Work

Image of the Spokane river system map.

Environmental History of the Spokane River

Compiled, created, and designed by the Environmental History students of Gonzaga University, this website seeks to assist those looking to understand the environmental history of the Spokane River and, in turn, Spokane itself.
Trees in the forest with sunlight shining through.

Habitat Management Plans

We created an evaluation rubric to consistently examine habitat management plans and determine both their successes and shortcomings. We offer information regarding legal obligations of the city and a comprehensive map of existing habitat management plans.
Four students who worked on the friends of fish project.

Friends of Fish

The mission of Friends of Fish is to test the feasibility of salmon reintroduction to the Spokane River. Through our website we hope to encourage dialogue surrounding the repopulation of salmon and to develop an informed citizenry and a platform for community involvement.
Lake Arthur in the distance.

Friends of Lake Arthur (FOLA)

FOLA seeks to enhance the Lake Arthur of Gonzaga University for educational and aesthetic purposes. We are a group of Environmental Studies students who care about this novel ecosystem and wish to better our campus in sustainable ways.