Department of Environmental Studies & Sciences Student Learning Outcomes

Gonzaga University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Environmental Studies & Environmental Science
Degrees: B.A. in Environmental Studies, B.S., Environmental Science, Minor in Environmental Studies

Our learning outcomes are designed to meet the goal of providing students with a broad scientific knowledge base and skillset integrated within coursework focused on the broader human culture.

Environmental Studies Learning Outcomes:

  1. Problem Solving: The ability to find, evaluate, and apply relevant information in analyses of complex, real-world problems.
  2. Interdisciplinary Integration: The ability to understand and integrate multiple perspectives (e.g., scientific, political, economic, ethical, spiritual) in analyzing an environmental problem and proposing a solution.
  3. Reflective Judgement: A reflective judgment that incorporates one's own experiences, beliefs, and intellectual analyses.
  4. Personal Action: A desire to take personal action in pursuit of a sustainable future for the planet.

Environmental Science Learning Outcomes:

  1. Acquire fundamental knowledge and skills to successfully pursue professional or graduate positions in the field of environmental science.
  2. Develop a set of scientific inquiry methods that allow them to ask meaningful questions about the environment, generate testable hypotheses, analyze data, and conduct investigations in collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams.
  3. Address environmental problems by integrating their knowledge of social science and humanities with a broad understanding of the natural environment.
  4. Gather, interpret, and evaluate diverse sets of information from a variety of scientific and non-scientific sources.
  5. Communicate orally and in writing, to a variety of audiences, the essential elements of environmental science inquiry.
  6. Define and articulate their environmental ethic and how they apply it in environmental science.

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