Environmental survey in a stream

Welcome to Environmental Studies & Sciences at Gonzaga University

ENVS faculty introduce themselves in short, informal videos. We hope you'll find out which faculty have interests that intersect with your own. Gain comfort, placing a face with a name early on with your classes.

Faculty Highlight

Stephen Hayes, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology

Professor Hayes' areas of interest include Wildlife Biology, GIS, and Biostatistics. He Studies the effect of pollution on waterfowl and their habitat.

Ulil Amri, Ph.D. Teaching Fellow of Environmental Studies

Originally from Indonesia, Professor Amri Investigates religious organizations and how they tackle contemporary environmental issues.

Erica Johnson, Ph.D. Professor of Economics

Are you interested in a paring a Sustainable Business minor with your Environmental Studies degree? Connect with Professor Johnson, whose fields of specialization are environmental economics and health economics.

Betsy A. Bancroft, Ph.D Associate Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies

Are you interested in Biology? If you're considering a career as an environmental scientist, wildlife management, or restoration work, please contact me and we can chat.