Environmental Studies Events

2018-2019 Lecture Series

Complex Effects of Anthropogenic Stressors in Freshwater Ecosystems

Presentation by Environmental Studies and Biology Department

The biology department invited members of the Gonzaga community to listen to an environmental studies lecture on the complex effects of anthropogenic stressors in freshwater ecosystems presented by Betsy Bancroft, Ph. D.


The Making of an Environmentalist

Presentation by Mike Petersen from the Lands Council

How did a radical environmentalist and Earth First! Activist become the Executive Director of the Lands Council, Spokane’s most influential environmental group? The Lands Council's Mike Peterson described how he met Ed Abbey, David Brower, and other great environmentalists, took part in direct actions including Redwood Summer, blockades, and tree sits, and how he sustained the passion for four decades. He talked about tactics ranging from Direct action and litigation to negotiation and collaboration.


COYOTES & KNAPWEED—Rewilding in the Anthropocene

Presentation by Greg Gordon, Ph.D.

Climate change, habitat fragmentation, and modification of Earth’s life support systems have ushered in a new geological epoch…The Anthropocene. Urban rewilding can not only alleviate biodiversity loss and maintain ecosystem services; it can also help heal the rupture between humans and nature.


Lake Baikal—Protecting Russia’s Sacred Sea

Presentation by Jean MacGregor, The Evergreen State College

Lake Baikal is the world’s oldest, largest, deepest and most biologically unusual lake. Surrounded by wilderness, the lake offers breathtaking scenery and fascinating endemic wildlife, including the Baikal Seal, the only freshwater seal in the world.

However, this “Galapagos of Asia” is located in remote southern Siberia, one of the poorest regions in Russia. In the face of a variety of environmental threats, local citizen initiatives are doing all they can to protect this magnificent place.