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Law and Public Policy

Government regulation and legislation have a major impact on business, creating a need for public policy makers to understand the workings of business and for people in the private sector to understand the public sector. This is especially relevant for people pursuing careers in corporate public affairs and professional study in law, public administration, and public policy analysis.

Law and Public Policy Concentration: 12 credits

Four courses selected with advisor approval from the following, with not more than six credits from one department:
ACCT 365 Federal Taxation
         ECON 320 Economics of Sports
ECON 322 Work, Wages, and Inequality
ECON 324 Economics of Environmental Protection
ECON 325 Public Finance
ECON 330 Anti-Trust Policy and Regulation
ECON 352 Money and Banking
ECON 401 Smith, Marx, Rerum Novarum
ECON 402 Currents in 20th Century Economics
ECON 404 Economic Integration-European Communities
BFIN 426 Mergers and Acquisitions
MGMT 415 Employment Law and Labor Relations
POLS 303 Civil Liberties: Class, Race and Gender
POLS 321 Politics and Public Administration
POLS 323 Constitutional Law
POLS 325 Selected Topics: Amer Politics
POLS 331 Modern Political Thought
POLS 357 Italian Political System
POLS 359 Third World Development
POLS 372 Middle East Politics