Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Institute for Hate Studies (IHS) is a group of experts and educators in the field of Hate Studies who guide the operations of the IHS at Gonzaga.

Kristine Hoover
Director, Institute for Hate Studies
Assistant Professor, Department of Organizational Leadership
Gonzaga University

Adriane Leithauser

Alumni Outreach Specialist
Adjunct Professor, School of Business Administration
Gonzaga University

Charlie Pepiton

Assistant Professor, Department of Theater & Dance
Gonzaga University

Pavel Shlossberg

Assistant Professor, Department of Communications & Leadership Studies
Gonzaga University

Molly Pepper

Assistant Professor, School of Business Administration
Gonzaga University

Larry Weiser

Professor Emeritus, Gonzaga School of Law
Gonzaga University

Judi Rabensteiner

Regional Development Officer
Department of University Relations, Gonzaga University

Ken Stern

Executive Director, Justus & Karen Rosenberg Foundation


- Ex Officio -

Jim Mohr
Dean of Student Development, Olympic College
Gonzaga Alumni

Raymond Reyes

Associate Academic Vice President
Chief Diversity Officer
Assistant Professor
Gonzaga University

Jerri Shepard

Associate Professor, School of Education
Gonzaga University