Study Abroad

Gonzaga University offers a variety of programs that take students abroad for a semester or a year of study, typically in the junior year. Many Gonzaga students take advantage of these opportunities, preparing them socially, linguistically and professionally for a future which increasingly challenges all of us to take on a global perspective.

Some programs and majors have a language requirement. Students considering a study abroad program and those who may want to major or minor in a language or international studies are encouraged to begin their college-level foreign language study in the first year. Students can choose from several modern and classical languages. These languages all fulfill the language core requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences. Students from Gonzaga are currently studying in China, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Spain and various countries in South America.

Students should work with our Study Abroad office when they arrive on campus to plan their study in other countries. Visit Study Abroad for more information.