The Components of a Gonzaga Degree

In order to obtain a degree from Gonzaga University, students will have requirements to complete from the following:

I. University Core: The university core curriculum is a four-year, cohesive program of study anchored by this question: As students of a Catholic, Jesuit, and Humanistic University, how do we educate ourselves to become persons for a more just and humane global community?  Read information about the Core requirements, including the freshman common-year curriculum.

II. School/College Requirements: Some Colleges and Schools may have additional requirements that students must complete, in addition to their majors/minors and University Core. For more information, please view your Online Undergraduate Catalogue.

III. Majors/Minors/Certification: These requirements are found in the Undergraduate Catalogue, listed alphabetically within the appropriate School/College section (e.g., biology in Arts & Sciences, accounting in Business Administration).

IV. Electives: After adding together the credits from University Core, School/College Requirements, and Major/Minor/Certification credit requirements, electives may be necessary to reach the minimum 128 credits needed to earn a Gonzaga degree. The number of electives will vary significantly, depending on your field(s) of study. (Please note: some majors require more than 128 credits to graduate.)