Purpose, Charge & Values

Purpose, Charge & Values

Our purpose in the Division of Mission Integration is to help the university community live its Catholic, Jesuit, and humanistic mission. We do this by serving our students, faculty, staff, and friends in ways inspired by the Society of Jesus. By collaborating with and supporting other university areas on programs and opportunities that enhance our Jesuit mission, the Division of Mission Integration is engaged in cura personalis (care for the whole person) and cura apostolica (care for the institution).

To learn more about our purpose, charge and values, read Gonzaga University's Mission Statement.

Statement of Affirmation

Read the Statement of Affirmation Concerning Gonzaga University as a Jesuit University.

Our Work Values

Through consultation with colleagues in the Mission Priorities Examen process, members of Cabinet, and President McCulloh, the Work Values have been refined into these six phrases and descriptions:

Promoting Excellence in Academic Endeavors and Professional Practice

Fostering intellectual depth, competence, reflection, and creativity in pursuing exemplary, rather than satisfactory, outcomes.

Sharing Responsibility for Mission Identity and Leadership

Making a personal commitment to learn about Gonzaga’s mission, discovering ways to contribute personally and collaboratively to our distinctive learning and research community.

Affirming a Commitment to Human Dignity

Engaging one another with profound respect, professionalism, and an ethic of care while supporting one another’s continued learning, development, and maximizing of potential.

Advancing a Culture of Inclusiveness

Developing cultural fluencies and global awareness, and practicing habits that enable us to value, recruit, and support community members from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Caring for the Earth while Stewarding our University Resources

Recognizing the interconnectedness of human life and the Earth, safeguarding and conserving University resources, balancing the needs of the moment with those of the future.

Cultivating Individual and Community Accountability

Demonstrating mutual commitment to our shared project by holding ourselves and others responsible for actions, expecting appropriate behavior, and aligning activities with ethical and professional standards.

Foundation Documents

These documents serve as the foundation for our work: