The Jesuits

Diocese of Spokane

Gonzaga University is a Catholic institution in the Diocese of Spokane. The diocese is home to approximately 100,00 Catholics and covers northern and eastern Washington state. The diocese runs Bishop White Seminary on Sharp Avenue whose students attend Gonzaga. The Catholic Cathedral in Spokane is Our Lady of Lourdes on Riverside Avenue.

Learn more about the Catholic Diocese of Spokane.

Mission & Ministry

Gonzaga's Office of Mission & Ministry is part of the Office of Mission Integration. Explore the Mission & Ministry section. 

Talks & Presentations

Gonzaga Socratic Dialogue - October 10, 2022

Dr. Ellen Maccarone, Acting Vice President of the Office of Mission Integration, gives a presentation on, "An Informal Jesuit Education" for a meeting of the Gonzaga Socratic Club.


Board of Regents Mission Formation Session: The lives of St. Ignatius and St. Aloysius - January 24, 2023

Student Life

There are many areas of the student experience that integration Gonzaga's mission. Here are a few: 


We are affiliated with many organizations that support our mission and help us integrate throughout the Gonzaga expereince.