Move In Day

Welcome to Gonzaga!

Friday, August 24th 2018 is the first day freshman can move in to residence halls. Two major changes in traffic flow on the university campus will allow easy access for unloading and parking:

  • Cincinnati Street from the Centennial trail to Desmet Avenue shall only be a northbound one-way street;

  • Desmet Avenue from Cincinnati to Hamilton Street shall only be an eastbound one-way street to allow egress for departing vehicles. To access Cincinnati Street, you must turn west onto Spokane Falls Boulevard from Hamilton Street and then turn north onto Cincinnati Street.

Download the Move-in Route Map that provide an illustrated route.

In order to reduce the wait time for students to unload their belongings; we recommend that after you have completed unloading your vehicle you park your vehicle in the parking garage located at Desmet and Cincinnati, any Gonzaga-owned parking lot, or street parking; and then finish moving into your respective residence hall.

To ease any confusion on how to arrive to your respective residence hall, please follow these directions:

Coughlin Hall/Catherine-Monica/Madonna:
Turn north onto Cincinnati Street (one street west of Hamilton Street) from Spokane Falls Boulevard and continue north to the Centennial Trail where a uniformed staff member shall direct you to your respective residence hall for parking. Coughlin Hall is the first residence hall on your right, Catherine-Monica is the second on your right, and Madonna is the third on the right.

Twohy Hall:
Twohy Hall is located on the corner of Boone Avenue (one street south of Sharp Avenue) and Cincinnati Street. You may park anywhere possible to unload.

Roncalli and Lincoln are located on the north side of Boone Avenue between Cincinnati and Dakota Street (two streets west of Hamilton Street, six streets from Ruby). Alliance is located across Dakota Street from Lincoln. You may park on the street or in the alley to unload.

Dillon and Goller Halls are located between Standard (three streets west of Hamilton, and five streets east of Ruby) and Dakota just south of Sharp Avenue. To park and unload, you must either turn south onto Standard or Dakota Street. You must then turn into the alley between the aforementioned streets where parking is provided.

Crimont Hall:
Crimont is located on the west side of Standard Street just north of Sharp Avenue. There is parking in the alley, or you may park on the street.

Welch Hall:
If you are arriving from Sharp Avenue - turn south onto Dakota Street and continue to Boone Avenue where a uniformed staff member shall direct you to a parking space.

If you are arriving from Hamilton Street – turn west onto Boone Avenue and continue to Dakota where a uniformed staff member shall direct you to a parking space.

Desmet Hall:
Turn south onto Standard from Sharp Avenue and continue south where a uniformed staff member shall direct you to a parking space.

Thank you for your patience, and welcome to Gonzaga University.

- Campus Security & Public Safety