Lake Authur frozen during winter

Holiday Parking

Campus Security is offering free holiday parking on campus while you are out of town. To access this service:

  1. Register your vehicle in person at the Huetter Mansion (503 E. Sharp) or by calling Campus Parking at 509-313-6147
  2. Speak to a CSPS representative about the location of the designated campus parking lot.
  3. Park your car in the designated lot beginning on December 10th and ending on January 14th

Don't forget to lock your doors and remove valuables from the vehicle prior to leaving town!

Current campus parking permits are valid 24/7 at all regular lots during the holidays (Dec. 10 – Jan. 14). That includes levels three and four of the BARC parking garage. Please note: parking at the BARC on levels one and two is strictly reserved for staff, faculty and the retail outlets. Nearby off-campus retail parking lots are reserved for customers only.

According to the information provided by the city of Spokane Parking Enforcement, vehicles parked on public streets longer than 12 consecutive hours may be subject to towing and/or fees. The city also asks that all street parking (for any duration) in residential areas occurs on the odd side of the streets during the snow season, which runs from November 15 to March 15 of every year.  This makes it easier for the plows to keep streets clear. 

If you have any questions about holiday parking, please call Campus Parking at 509-313-6147. Have a Merry Christmas and a great holiday break!