Henry Batterman

Henry Batterman

Henry Batterman
    • B.A., University of Colorado
    • M.A., University of Michigan

Biographical Information

Henry Batterman holds a B.A. in Italian from the University of Colorado and a Master's degree in Linguistics with a specialization in Second Language Acquisition. Professor Batterman takes a practical, hands-on approach to language teaching and believes that students progress more rapidly when they are actively engaged in the classroom and excited about using Italian outside of the classroom as well. As Assistant to the Dean for Linguistic and Cultural Activities he gets students out into the community to meet Italian students and families, do volunteer work and to take advantage of the many wonders that a city like Florence and a country like Italy has to offer.

Professional Presentations

  • Comparing the Italian and American Educational Systems (American Language Institute, 11/01)
  • An American in Florence (American Language Institute, 3/00)
  • CD Rom/Manual - Language Teacher: A Vocabulary Development Program, 5/98
  • Grammar Teaching Activities: A Formula for Success (International TESOL Conference, Atlanta,  1993)
  • Summarization: A Communicative 4-Skill Approach (International TESOL, Vancouver, 1992)
  • Writing Activities: Putting the Whole Package Together (Mukogawa Institute, 11/91)
  • Workshop-  Teaching Beginning Language Skills: Grammar with the Books Shut (WAESOL, 3/87)
  • Dialogue Journal Writing (International TESOL, Toronto, 3/19/83)
  • Communicative Language Teaching, Portland Community College Staff Development (3/7/83)
  • Dialogue Journal Writing (International TESOL, Toronto, 3/19/83)
  • Dialogue Journal Writing (ORTESOL 10/9/82), TENTESOL 3/19/82)
  • Communicative Language Teaching Methodology Workshop for Tennessee Public Schools (12/5/81)