TADP553 System Automation

Course Information: 3 credits. TADP 553 System Automation:

Students will learn economic benefits, reliability, safety, equipment costs, communication, transmission automation, distribution automation, under frequency load shedding, radial overhead, radial loop underground, demand side management, remote connect/disconnect, SmartGrid, consumer automation, and network design aspects.

Course Descriptions/Objectives:

This course will be offered over the next eight weeks.  Within the weeks will be assignments and discussion board questions to answer.  Please begin with Week Zero and familiarize yourself with the Blackboard environment. 

Week 1-

What is Automation? Why Automate (Economic Benefits, Reliability, Safety); Why now (where have we come from); Technology, History; What are our Options (Schemes)

Week 2-

Reliability  (SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI, MAIFI, etc); Detailed Explanation of: Industry Standards/Benchmarks, Trend Analysis, System versus Feeder, Commission Report Examples; Varies Depending Tools used to track outages; Outage by Type; Calculation Examples; Case Studies-Transmission & Distribution

Week 3-

Transmission Automation: Overview Requirements, Design Schemes (SCADA, Communication/Protocol, Fiber, PLC), Real-time flow, Automatic vs Manual Remote control, RAS (Remedial Action Scheme), Under Frequency Load shedding

Week 4 & 5-

Distribution Automation, Radial Overhead, Design Aspects, Equipment Needed; Radial Loop Underground, Design Aspects, Equipment Needed; Equipment Costs, Communication (Radio (line of sight, Mesh, PLC, BPL, Fiber), Computer Network considerations; DMS/OMS/GIS; Operator Training/Buy-in; Case Studies

Week 6-

Economic Justification, Case Studies

Week 7

Customer Automation (Distribution Generation, Connection Requirements, <25kW, >25kw, <100kW, >100kW, <3MW, >3MW); Protection & Control Considerations; Communication (Economic Dispatching, Safety); Demand Side Management (Demand Response, Control of customer appliances, Customer Load Information to affect usage/peak); Remote Connect/Disconnect; AMR/AMI

Week 8-

Summary; Future of Automation; SmartGrid; IntelliGrid; Networks; Final Project