LHC2 Antenna

LHC2 Antenna Team

Tim Mealy, Christopher Ruckel, Jayson Schmidt, Ian Surber 

Advisor:     Dr. Steve Zemke

Sponsor:   LCH2   


LHC2 Antennae

Project Description: Wireless Mesh Radio Antenna - In this project, we designed, built, and tested a 900MHz antenna for LHC2, Inc. LHC2 developed a preliminary design based on electrical performance. However, this design was not manufacturable given the antenna element's unique geometry and tight tolerances necessary for proper electrical performance.

This team was responsible for creating a manufacturable design for the antenna element while maintaining the proper performance characteristics and tolerances. Likewise, this team was responsible for designing the antenna radome and element for durability and robustness in order to withstand the environment in which the antenna will function.