ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineering



President: Ryan Magee
Vice President: Emily Petersen
Treasurer: Matt Risso
Secretary: Tyler Wales
Faculty Advisor: Tailian Chen

Mission Statement:  American Society of Mechanical Engineers at Gonzaga gives students the chance to participate in hands-on projects, learn about regional and national engineering events and opportunities, and network with fellow students.

Annual Report:  ASME worked on a massive project making longboards this year. This project emphasized hands-on skills in design, manufacturing and entrepreneurship. ASME club members constructed a longboard using hand-shaped custom molds, to which up to 9-ply of maple veneer was vacuum-pressed into the desired shape. Club members then cut out and finished as many boards as they wanted to make; one for themselves and the rest as a fundraiser for ASME.  Boards will be on-sale during orientation week Fall 2015.

ASME also headed a joint project with Gonzaga Without Borders (GWB) to design and construct a “Blender Bike”. This project used student CAD modeling and SEAS Machine Shop skills to construct a stationary bicycle attached to a blender. Users pick shake ingredients and pedal the machine to thoroughly blend their own custom drink. The finished “Blender Bike” will be on display and in action throughout campus starting Fall 2015.

Our last project for the ‘14-’15 academic year set high hopes as we began to design a machine for ASME’s Human Powered Vehicle Competition (HPVC). As a significant project, our involved members will design and build a machine to enter into the HPVC, which pits other schools against each other for the win.