Resident Meal Plans

All first and second year students living on campus required to purchase a Resident Meal Plan will select one of the following. Any enrolled student may purchase one of the plans.

Meal Plan Cost Swipes into
dining hall
Guest Swipes
per semester
Bulldog Bucks
Platinum All Access $3,260.00 Unrestricted 5 + 4 family swipes $500.00
Gold 16 $3,235.00 16 / week 5 swipes $550.00
Silver 12 $3,135.00 12 / week 5 swipes $700.00
Blue 225 $3,165.00 225 / semester Deducted from balance $600.00
White 175 $3,135.00 175 / semester Deducted from balance $800.00
  • 1 Swipe = 1 entrance into one of the dining halls.
  • Unused Gold and Silver meals do not roll over to the following week and unused Blue and White meals do not roll over to the following semester.
  • Per week meal count resets before breakfast on Friday.
  • If a plan is not selected in Zagweb, Platinum All Access is the default plan.
  • The plan selected for fall will default for spring semester unless its changed in Zagweb.
  • Meal plans cannot be changed or upgraded after 5:00 pm on Friday, the last day of the first week of class.

Selecting a Resident Meal Plan

The Resident Meal Plan cost will be included in the Student Accounts billing statement. Plans are selected in Zagweb as part of the housing selection process. If no plan is selected, the default is the Platinum All Access Plan. The plan selected for Fall semester will default for Spring semester unless a different plan is selected.

Changing a Resident Meal Plan

  1. Students log on to Zagweb
  2. Enter Secure Area
  3. Enter network credentials
  4. Click on the Student tile
  5. Click on the Student Accounts tile
  6. Select Meal Plan Changes
  7. The current semester will be highlighted in the drop down box, click on Submit
  8. Your current meal plan on file will be listed at the top of the screen, please select the meal plan you would like switch to
  9. Click Submit

Students have until before 5 pm on Friday, the last day of the first week of the semester, to change their Resident Meal Plan.

Budgeting a Resident Meal Plan

Students can budget their Resident Meal Plan to budget their swipes and Bulldog Bucks. Unused meal swipes do not roll over to the next week or semester, however, Bulldog Bucks roll over continuously.