Yes, but only before 5pm on Friday, the last day of the first week of class for that semester.

  1. Students log on to Zagweb
  2. Enter Secure Area
  3. Enter network credentials
  4. Click on the Student tile
  5. Click on the Student Accounts tile
  6. Select Meal Plan Changes
  7. The current semester will be highlighted in the drop down box, click on Submit
  8. Your current meal plan on file will be listed at the top of the screen, please select the meal plan you would like switch to
  9. Click Submit

There are some instances where a students mandatory meal plan requirement may be exempted.  Reviews will be done on requests based on:

  • Financial Hardship (Done through evaluation of the students FAFSA)
  • Disability (Requires Doctors diagnosis and documentation)
  • Local Living (radius applies)
Exemptions are not reviewed or granted based on Life Style choices. Reviews will only be done by following the procedure listed here.
For a Resident Meal Plan, swipes do not roll over. However, any remaining Bulldog Bucks associated with that Resident Meal Plan will roll over continuously. Community Meal Plan swipes do roll over and are active unless you are no longer enrolled as a student with the University or go unused for over 9 months.

If you are living off campus, you can still have the convenience of a meal plan! Any enrolled student can purchase a Resident Meal Plan option. You can make a payment through CASHNet or at the Student Accounts Office in the amount of one of the five plans listed, and then contact the Student Accounts Office at (509) 313-6812 to activate the plan. If the cost of the meal plan needs to be included in a payment plan, the student must contact or visit the Student Accounts Office to make payment arrangements. Students who are not required to purchase a Resident Meal Plan have the option to purchase a Community Meal Plan from Zag Dining. Visit Zag Dining for additional information.

The student must contact the Student Accounts Office to prorate the cost of the Resident Meal Plan based on usage. Student Accounts is located in the Crosby Center, Student Financial Services, Suite 001.
Resident Meal Plans are available on the day Residence Halls open.
We have two dining halls; The COG which is located at The Hemmingson Center and 1887 which is located in Cataldo Hall.
Zag Dining has a Registered Dietitian on-site with whom you can schedule free consultation with. They will assist with how you can easily navigate dining at Gonzaga and find nutritious options to fit your needs.
Each student will receive $500.00 in Bulldog Bucks regardless of the Resident Meal Plan selected (every plan includes at least $500.00). After the Resident Meal Plan change period ends, students selecting a Resident Meal Plan which provides more than $500.00 in Bulldog Bucks will have the difference added to their balance the following week. Voluntary deposits, not part of a Resident Meal Plan, will be available immediately.