MAPS Visualization

There are 5 Different Types of Assets

Associations, Physical Spaces, Institutions, Individuals, and the Local Economy.

Data on 1321 inventory items are presented below in the form of an interactive map and a table. These include 78 Associations, 19 Individuals, 175 Institutions, 780 assets from the Local Economy, and 269 Physical Spaces, which include 7 proposed or existing bike routes.

Interactivity in Map

  • Markers and Routes can be clicked to get more information about them.
  • Different assets are clustered based on proximity. The numbers on the circle indicate the number of assets that are present in that region.
  • Zooming in and out of the map is possible by either using the + or - buttons on the top left or the mouse scroll wheel or by clicking on the cluster of inventory items (small circles).
  • Top-right menu provides options for using a more grey-scaled map and deciding whether to show potential or existing bike-routes.
  • Center of the map can be moved by holding the map using the left mouse button and moving to the desired location.

Interactivity in Table

  • The table panel can be moved on the screen by holding it using the left mouse button.
  • The table can be searched by column and through the global search option on the top right of the panel.
  • Search results of the table are automatically displayed on the map
  • Clicking a row of the table displays that particular asset on the map. Re-clicking the row resets the map