Get Involved

Get Involved

Why should residents get involved?

Everyone has gifts to share. Your perspectives, experience, insights and contributions are a valued part of the conversation.


  • What is your vision for the neighborhood you live in?
  • What is good about this community we share?
  • What can make our neighborhood better?

How you can participate

  • Suggest places and events where the GU team can meet and engage neighbors
  • Agree to be interviewed for the map; you must be willing to share your address and first name for the database
  • Attend a reporting session or town hall
  • Participate in a small group meeting

Contact us

Telephone: (509) 313-6856 or (509) 313-6095

If you prefer, connect with the MAPS Project through the Logan Neighborhood Council Representative, contact Hazel Jackson at (509) 340-1885 or via email here.