Transmission & Distribution Faculty Research

Gonzaga's T&D courses are taught by engineers in the power industry with decades of research and design experience.  Here are some of the research topics they are involved in.

Gonzaga T&D Faculty Research and Publications:

Cummins, H.  PI-Smart Grid Investment Grant Program (SGIG) administered by the Department of Energy. Avista

Cummins, H. The Distribution System of the Future...Today. Webcast Event, Thursday Mar 31, 2011. Energy Central.

Cummins, H. Building a Network for Distribution Automation - Case Study and Best Practices for Smart Grid Deployment. Smart Grid Virtual Summit. June 29-30, 2011

Flerchinger, W., et al.  Solar Generation Control With Time-Synchronized Phasors. PV Powered, Northern Plains Power Technologies, and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.  20100914  TP6453-01.

Gers, J. Arc Flash Protection, TECSUP IV International Symposium of Energy, Lima Peru, August 2010

Gers, J. Distribution System Automation - Pennsylvania State University - Annual course given in November each year since 2001 in Monroeville, PA Campus

Gers, J. Distribution System Automation and Analysis - Pennsylvania State University - Course given to PEA engineers in Thailand in 2002 and 2010

Gers, J. Generator Protection Setting Criteria, TECSUP Course, Arequipa Peru, May 2006

Gers, J. Generator Protection Fundamentals and Settings, Course on Protections for PEMEX, Tula Mexico, February 2010

Gers, J. Setting of Power Swing Blocking & Out 0f Step Relays Considering Transient Stability Conditions, MEGGER Technical Seminar, Dallas TX, October 2006

Gers, J. Protection of Distribution Systems, TECSUP Course, Lima Peru, August 2007

Gers, J. Protection of Distribution Systems, Beckwith Relay School, Clearwater FL, August 2010

Gers, J. & Holmes, E. (2011, 3rd Ed.) Protection of Electricity Distribution Networks. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Herts, UK. 1998, 2004

Gers, J., & Ariza, J. Setting and Testing of Power Swing Blocking and Out of Step Relays Considering Transient Stability Conditions, IET Conference on Protections, Glasgow U.K., March 2008

Gers, J. Stability Concepts and Setting of OOS Relays, III Seminar on Operation, Control and Stability of Power Systems, Barranquilla Colombia, September 2010

Haldar, A. Yenumula, P., Bursey,A., & Tucker, K.  Residual life assessment of  existing transmission line with particular reference to grillage foundation corrosion problem. Electrical Transmission in the new age, A specialty conference on the design, maintenance and constructability of      Electrical Transmission Line and Substation structures, Organized by ASCE, Omaha, Nebraska, 2002, pp. 373-381.

Haldar, A. Yenumula, P., Estimation of probabilistic longitudinal load on a Transmission Tower due to ice shedding using Monte Carlo Method. 18th Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics (CANCAM -2001), St. John's, Canada, pp. 19-20, 2001.

Haldar, A., Yenumula, P., & Chari, T.R., "Full scale tests on directly  embedded steel pole pole foundations," Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Canadian Geotechnical Society, Vol. 37, No.2, pp. 414-437, 2000.

Haldar, A. Yenumula, P., Field observation of In-cloud  icing on a test transmission line. IWAIS, Iceland, 1998.

Haldar, A., Yenumula, P., & Chari, T.R., Moment rotation behavior of directly embedded steel pole foundation,. Paper presented to CIGRE  SC22 (WG07)  on  Foundations, 1999 (Presented by first author).       

Henville, C. 2006 RAS and Stretched Power Systems, Western Protective Relaying Conference, October, 2006.

Henville, C. A Trial Application of Optical Transducers for Protective Relaying, IEEE Power Systems Conference and Exposition, 2006.

Henville, C. One Utility's Experience in Justification and Implementation of Relay Replacement projects. IEEE Power Systems Conference and Exposition, 2006.

Henville, C. An Out-of-Step Event in the Peruvian Power System, Western Protective Relaying Conference, October, 2007

Henville, C. Blackout Experiences and Lessons, Best Practices for System Dynamic Performance, and the Role of New Technologies, IEEE Task Force Report, May 2007

Henville, C. IEEE Standard C37.109 Guide for the Protection of Shunt Reactors, 2008

Henville, C. Secondary Arc Extinction and Detection - Real and Simulated, IET 9th International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection (DPSP 2008)

Henville, C.  SIPS and Stretched Power Systems. Carilec conference July, 2008

Henville, C. Main 1 and Main 2 Protection - Same or Different?, Western Protective Relaying Conference, October, 2008

Henville, C. Application of Overvoltage Protection to the Peruvian power system, Western Protective Relaying Conference, October, 2008

Henville, C. One Utility's Experience with Class TPY Gapped Core Current Transformers, Omicron International Conference on Testing of Current Transformers, October, 2009

Henville, C. An Example Distance Protection Application with Complicating Factors, Western Protective Relaying Conference, October, 2009

Henville, C. Transients (Old and New) Affect Protection Applications, Western Protective Relaying Conference, October, 2009

Henville, C. Multifunctional Protection IEDs - How Much Functionality is Too Much?, PAC World Conference, Dublin, Ireland, June 2010 and ISA Jornadas, Medellin, Colombia, August 2010.

Henville, C.  Best Practices in System Simulation for Relay Testing, Omicron International Conference on Protection Testing, Salzburg, Austria, October, 2010

Henville, C. Evolution of Backup Protection in BC Hydro. Western Protective Relaying Conference, Spokane, WA, October, 2010

Osborn, M., & Flerchinger, W.  Portland General Electric (PGE) Solar Highway, Project: Advanced Island Detection and Control. Electric Energy T&D Magazine Jan 2011

Reidt, J.  Distribution Automation - Connecting the Next Smart Grid Frontier. PennWell Webinar. October 27, 2010.

Reidt, J. Avista Case Study: Considerations in Selecting a Distribution Area Networks. Smart Grid Road Show. November 2-3, 2010

Reidt, J. Building the Smart Grid Network from Visioning to Planning to Implementing to Training. DistribuTECH 2011. February 2, 2011

Reidt, J. A Wireless, Synchronized, Multi-point Distribution Feeder Monitor System. Western Power Delivery Automation Conference. March 30, 2011

Schaerer, R. Evaluating and Maintaining Existing Substation Grounding Systems. NorthWest Public Power Association. Engineering and Operations Conference, Reno, NV. April 2011

Schaerer, R. Substation Grounding Analysis and Testing. Energy Council of the Northeast. Engineering and Operations Conference, Killington, VT. October 2010

Schaerer, R. Substation Grounding System Design and Analysis, American Electric Power (Columbus, OH), December 2010

Yenumula, P., & Clairmont, B. EPRI Solutions Rating Study on 138 kV Line. EPRI Increased Power Flow Conference, Boston, MA, Aug 2006

Yenumula, P., & Adapa, R. Probabilistic Transmission Line Ratings. 8th International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems, IOWA State University, Ames, IOWA, Sept, 2004

Yenumula, P., Probabilistic ratings of transmission lines using  Monte Carlo simulations. First Annual Increased Power Flow Conference By Electric Power Research Institute Bostan, USA, 2003.

Yenumula, P., Design guide for transmission line foundation design. A design guide prepared for American Transmission Company, USA, 2002-2003.

Yenumula, P., Haldar, A. Full scale tests on grillage anchor foundations for high voltage transmission lines. 54th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Calgary, September 2001.

Yenumula, P., & Callahan, Ryan, Life cycle Cost and risk assessment of steel & wood transmission  poles. A design guide prepared for American Transmission Company, USA, 2002-2003.

Yenumula, P., Clearance study of transmission lines using PLSCADD. A design guide prepared for American Transmission Company, USA, 2002-2003.

Yenumula, P., & Haldar, A. Upgrading of Transmission lines under heavy icing areas, Presentation made to Working group on ‘loading, strength & line design' of Transmission lines at IEEE summer meeting, Seattle, USA, 2000

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