Paying for Your Certificate

Financing Your Certificate

There are several ways to pay for your certificate including employer tuition reimbursement.

Our certificate program is not eligible for federal financial aid. We have outlined other options below.


  • $1,135 per credit*
  • 15 credit program

* Subject to change

Employer Reimbursement

Many of our students use their company tuition reimbursement benefit to finance their education. Check with your company about this valuable option.

If your company plans to pay for your tuition, please contact Gonzaga’s Student Accounts office at (509) 313-6812 or by email at

Payment Plans

Gonzaga University offers payment plans to assist you in financing your education.

Typical options include paying your balance in full each semester or paying your balance in monthly installments to make your payments more manageable.

Things to Consider

Compare the value of the programs you are considering. Cost should not be the sole factor in choosing a program, though it is an important one. Consider personal fit, professional outcomes, and the quality and reputation of your options.

Graduate tuition is billed differently than undergraduate tuition. You will only be expected to pay for the credits you are enrolled in each term plus any fees.

Questions about the certificate? Contact T&D Program Assistant Jilliene McKinstry at (509) 313-5701.