Engineering Management Courses

Gonzaga is one of a select few that offer Engineering Management at the undergraduate level—and the only one in the northwest! The GU core broadens your perspective, study abroad opportunities broaden your horizons, and Engineering Management broadens your career potential.

Choose your Pathway

In addition to general engineering coursework, students select from technical electives from the other SEAS disciplines:

  • Civil Engineering: designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure like buildings, roads, bridges, and water systems to improve the quality of life for communities.
  • Computer Engineering: shaping the technology we use in our daily lives by designing and developing computer systems, hardware, and software.
  • Computer Science: exploring how technology works and solving complex problems using computational thinking, computers, algorithms, and programming.
  • Electrical Engineering: designing, developing, and maintaining systems that use electricity, such as power generation, electrical circuits, and electronic devices, to improve our lives and power the modern world.
  • Mechanical Engineering: designing, analyzing, and improving machines, engines, and systems to harness the power of physics and create innovative solutions that move, function, and make our world better.

Choose technical electives that match your career interests. With your advisor, you have the power to shape a pathway towards a field you're passionate about.

Where Engineering Meets Business

Students graduate with a BS in Engineering Management with a minor in Business for Engineering Technologies.

The minor gives students the option to complete a Master's in Business Administration in one additional calendar year.