MIT Bridge

About the Program 

The MIT Bridge program creates a pathway for Gonzaga undergraduate students to complete their degree, and a master’s degree alongside their teaching certification in as little as five years.

Eligible students can begin taking endorsement courses during their junior or senior year, reducing their future graduate credits.


  • Save Money - Take endorsement courses at undergrad level and reduce your future graduate credit load. Elementary program students can transfer up to 10 credits, while secondary program students can transfer up to seven credits. Plus, once you're in the program, you’ll receive 15% off the MIT program tuition rate through the Alumni Graduate Education Scholarship.
  • Save Time - Earn both your undergraduate degree and master’s degree in as little as five years.
  • Flexibility – Major in any Gonzaga undergraduate program, and even study abroad while staying on course to graduate alongside pursuing a masters.
  • Priority Placement – Receive first priority for classroom placement as a confirmed student.
  • Higher Earnings – Start your teaching career earning at a higher pay rate, only to increase each year.


  • Enrolled as a Gonzaga Undergraduate Junior or incoming Senior
  • Open to all Gonzaga Undergraduate majors 

How to Apply

  • Follow the instruction on the MIT how to apply page, and our Admissions team will reach out to help you complete.



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