CACREP Accreditation

The Department of Counselor Education at Gonzaga University earned specialized accreditation in February 2005. Faculty and staff are proud to offer this asset as further evidence of the caliber of the programs.

CACREP (The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs) is an independent accrediting body whose mission is to advance the profession of counseling by developing standards, encouraging peerless quality, and accrediting preparation programs.

CACREP accreditation provides assurance that a program has been thoroughly evaluated to meet the standards necessary to produce competent counselors. CACREP accreditation also confers greater ease in state licensure. Some states require credentialing, and in others it is voluntary but advantageous.

Please visit for further information regarding accreditation processes, and the Counselor Education Department for more information about our programs.

Department of Counselor Education Mission Statement

Following the Jesuit tradition with ever increasing awareness of human nature, diversity, social issues and the power relationship, we model and promote theory- and reflection-informed transformational leaders who are intentional, ethical counselors of growth and learning in families, schools, and communities.

Theme Statement

We are kind practitioners who are intentional in the development of relationships that honor personal strengths and the promotion of transformational growth.


Program Objectives

1. The Department of Counselor Education faculty will be engaged in the greater community through service and dissemination of knowledge to promote greater good in our diverse local, regional, state, and national communities.

2. The Department of Counselor Education will create learning opportunities for students that encourage personal reflection to promote deeper intentional understanding of the whole self, awareness of one’s impact on the diverse world around one’s self, and a healthy capacity for discernment.

3. The Department of Counselor Education will provide intentional academic and field-based learning opportunities to facilitate meaningful and efficient learning in the field and classroom to promote a service-oriented heart in a culturally pluralistic world.

4. The Department of Counselor Education is aware of the power of relationships and is dedicated to providing a learning experience that centers on relationships and demonstrates the potential of strong working alliances with all individuals.

5. The Department of Counselor Education will consistently approach students from a place of kindness and caring to not only model this trait but to also create a safe and welcoming environment for all. 



Graduate Admissions

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