The Rosauer Center for Education Building

Rosauer Center for Education Art Exhibition

In recent years, a large push has been made to encourage students to pursue the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) however, a counter part that is equally important is the arts. Without one the other cannot exist and to serve as a reminder to this, The Rosauer School of Education now features a Rosauer Center School of Education Art Exhibition.

Every semester in the west wing of the Rosauer School of Education building, we feature art work from a K-12 school in the greater Spokane Area. Sometimes the art comes from a public school, other times it come from a private school. Sometimes the art has a theme, other times it does not. Regardless, the meaning is simple: to celebrate the artistic expression and pursuits of the students we work with in the greater Spokane Community. We hope that this exhibition will not only stretch the minds of students in a creative capacity but, also build an even stronger relationships between us and the schools we work with.

The Rosauer School of Education has always prided itself on preparing socially responsible professionals who serve with care, competence, and commitment, that starts here. We as a school of education hope that those we teach to become educators, will keep this at the forefront of all they do and continue to bring creativity and powerful relationships into the classrooms they teach.