Meet the Team

Our Staff

Ridge Bynum, Program Coordinator
(509) 440-2608

Ridge joined the Office of a Pedagogy of Hope (PoH Office) in the Fall of 2022 as a Graduate Assistant and is excited to step into the Program Coordinator role. While supporting the transformative work happening within the PoH Office, Ridge is concurrently pursuing his Doctorate in School Psychology here at Gonzaga University. Through his work in both the PoH Office and the School Psychology Department, Ridge is committed to amplifying the voices of marginalized groups, re-imagining oppressive systems, and leading change. Please reach out to Ridge anytime if you would like to collaborate!



Our Faculty

Monica Bartlett, Faculty Director
(509) 313-3918

Dr. Monica Bartlett is the inaugural Faculty Director for the PoH Office. Dr. Bartlett comes to us from the undergraduate Psychology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences at Gonzaga University, where she runs the Positive Emotion and Social Behavior Lab and teaches courses like The Psychology of Poverty and Social Class and Human Flourishing. Dr. Bartlett’s research focuses on gratitude and its role in building relationships and boosting wellbeing and has been widely cited by the scientific community and the press. Dr. Bartlett is a passionate teacher, committed to uncovering American structures of inequality and the stereotypes that underlie them.


Selected Publications:

  • Bartlett, M.Y. & Arpin, S.N. (2019). Gratitude and loneliness: Enhancing health and well-being in older adults. Research on Aging.
  • Bartlett, M.Y., Valdesolo, P. & Arpin, S.N. (2019). The paradox of power: The relationship between gratitude and self-esteem. The Journal of Social Psychology.
  • Williams, L.A. & Bartlett, M.Y. (2014). Warm thanks: Gratitude expression facilitates social affiliation in new relationships via perceived warmth. Emotion, 15, 1-5.
  • Bartlett, M.Y., Condon, P., Cruz, J., Baumann, J. & DeSteno, D. (2012). Gratitude: Prompting behaviors that build relationships. Cognition and Emotion, 26, 2-13.
  • DeSteno, D., Bartlett, M.Y., Baumann,J., Williams, L.A., & Dickens, L. (2010). Gratitude as moral sentiment: Emotion-guided cooperation in economic exchange. Emotion, 10, 289-293.
  • Bartlett, M.Y. & DeSteno, D. (2006). Gratitude and prosocial behavior: Helping when it costs you. Psychological Science, 17, 319-325.

Selected Media:



Our Graduate Assistants

Martina Folowell Nix, Graduate Assistant

Martina is a new Graduate Assistant in the Office of a Pedagogy of Hope through Research and Practice (PoH Office). She brings a vast skillset to this role with work experience ranging from state governmental agencies, local k-12 districts, and higher education. She is adept at developing community resources and advocating for underserved populations. Martina is a native Hungarian speaker and a first-generation college student pursuing her Doctorate in School Psychology here at Gonzaga University. As a new Graduate Assistant in the PoH Office, she is excited to promote equity and foster transformative practices. While participating in the Gonzaga University experience, she hopes her work will create a more inclusive and compassionate educational experience for all.


Angelica Ramirez, Graduate Assistant

Angelica is a Zag alumna and a first-generation college student who joined the Office of Pedagogy of Hope (PoH) as a Graduate Assistant in 2023. She is currently working on her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling here at Gonzaga University. With a background in Psychology and Criminology, she is passionate about serving underrepresented communities through advocacy. She aims to empower individuals through education and wellness to help them achieve their full potential.


Caitlin Hanan, Graduate Assistant

Caitlin, a second-generation Zag and alumna, joined the Office of Pedagogy of Hope (PoH) as a Graduate Assistant in 2023 while pursuing a Masters in Teaching with an Elementary Education endorsement. In addition to her role at PoH, she serves as a supervising lead for academic coaching and tutoring at The Learning Studio in Foley Library, and works in area schools. Caitlin is passionate about using her Sociology background to address systemic issues in education and advocate for underrepresented voices. She is dedicated to finding effective solutions for a holistic societal improvement and is committed to using her interests to drive meaningful change in our education system and society as a whole.