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Advocating for Others

Fighting the Good Fight

Advocacy involves more than speaking up. It’s about taking responsibility for others and applying courage and tenacity to the fight for equity. At Gonzaga, you’ll discover how to translate your passion for justice into skills that effect change.

What Inspires You?

What You'll Learn & Experience

At Gonzaga, you’ll learn to recognize and respond to inequities in economic, political, cultural and ecclesial systems. Through research projects and service learning activities, you’ll put your studies to the test, applying them for the benefit of others and forming relationships grounded in understanding and collaboration.

  • Critical thinking and reasoning
  • Analysis and communication skills
  • Acting with empathy, integrity, and courage
  • The complex causes and constructs behind social injustices
  • Building solidarity with and finding solutions for those impacted by inequity


The Gonzaga Difference

In the Catholic, Jesuit and Humanistic traditions, your learning prepares you to work toward a more just world. You’ll cultivate an understanding of what it means to be human, to experience a well-lived life, to find your role in a more humane global community.

Your educational journey expands year by year with these principals of our Core curriculum:

  • Understanding and creating
  • Being and becoming
  • Caring and doing
  • Imagining the possible

You’ll also uncover the richness of interdisciplinary studies, where courses blend biology and dance, faith and science, politics and literature. All to equip you for the next part of your journey, where purpose and potential evolve.

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