Molly Martin ('14) Italian Major

Molly Martin is a alumni of Gonzaga University's Modern Languages & Literature Department 

Molly Martin majored in Italian at Gonzaga and studied abroad through Gonzaga in Florence during the 2012-2013 academic year. After graduating, she completed her master’s degree in Italian at New York University, which included studying and working in Florence. She worked as a peer advisor and assisted art therapy students with translating and interpreting while writing her master’s thesis. Molly then spent an additional year in Italy teaching English at a local high school outside of Como. She now works in the Admissions Department at SAI Programs and uses her language, communication, and intercultural skills to facilitate study abroad trips for her students. In her free time, she is also a contributing editor for an online Italian magazine.

I learned that it is more meaningful and profound when you are able to interact in the native language of a country. The benefits of being bilingual carry over to many aspects of life, as they have been essential to my career. I have a deep appreciation of the Italian culture that all started at Gonzaga.