Degree Requirements

The Integrated Media department offers three majors and three minors:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Broadcast and Electronic Media Studies major
  • Bachelor of Arts, Journalism major
  • Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations major
  • Minor in Broadcast and Electronic Media Studies
  • Minor in Journalism
  • Minor in Public Relations

Visual Literacy minor students take courses within the Art and Integrated Media departments at Gonzaga.

Please reference the Undergraduate Catalog for course requirements specific to the Journalism major and minor.

  • Courses in journalism history, media law and ethics, and press theory form the philosophical foundation for the major and minor.
  • Journalism students, in their work, focus on issues of civic and cultural importance with a traditional news stance, but there are ample opportunities for experimentation with the styles of journalism appropriate for magazines, publications with a literary bent, and emerging Internet-based platforms. Students also hone their visual storytelling skills in courses such as photojournalism and emerging media.
  • Students pursuing a major or minor in journalism choose from an array of elective courses, including literary journalism, news leadership, media ethics, emerging media, and sports writing.

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