About the Computer Science and Computational Thinking Department

Computational thinking and processes permeate our daily lives, transforming our understanding of both the natural world and of ourselves. The opportunities in computing are substantial and include some of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. such as software engineering, system support specialists, web designers, technical support staff and database administrators. In addition, knowledge of computer science has become highly valued in such diverse fields as psychology, biology, and even philosophy. A degree in Computer Science gives one both marketable skills and the intellectual breadth that can be applied to any career choice. Upon graduation, students with a B.A. can present themselves as entry-level software developers, and their degree will provide sufficient background for further training later in their careers.

The curriculum provides all majors with a foundation in Computer Science through 21 credits in Mathematics and Computer Science courses. Students select a Discipline for Computational Thinking (DCT), or concentration, consisting of at least 12 credits in one other discipline in the College of Arts and Sciences. In consultation with their advisor, students also choose an additional 21 credits in Computer Science courses, including Computer Science courses specific to each concentration. Each student’s concentration will be overseen by a DCT Committee consisting of the Program Director, the Chair of the Computer Science Department, and the DCT concentration Chair (or Chair’s designate). Students are encouraged to complete the courses in the DCT and the Computer Science courses specific to that DCT before the senior year.

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