Billing and Payment Policies

The Student Accounts office accepts cash, checks and money orders for payment on account.  Our cashier windows are open Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. If mailing a check, include student's name & ID number and send to:

Gonzaga University
Student Accounts Office
PO Box 3463
Spokane, WA 99220

For student convenience, U.S. Bank has established a branch on the Gonzaga campus.  You can visit their website for more information:

We realize that many students and their families wish to use their credit or debit cards for payment, and we have provided that option. Gonzaga's online solution for credit and debit card transactions is through CASHNet®. The credit/debit cards accepted by CASHNet® are American Express, Diner's Club, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. A service fee of 2.75% of the payment amount applies to each transaction. Students can reach the CASHNet® site by going to: and following the Electronic Billing, Payment and Deposits link.

CASHNet® will also allow you to make an online payment from your checking or savings account via eCheck. There is no service fee for an eCheck transaction. (Please note that the eCheck option is not currently available through a foreign bank.)

If you are a parent or other third party who wishes to make payments on a student's behalf, the student must set up an account for you through CASHNet®. (Students will find the "Authorized Payer" feature on CASHNet®'s main menu.) Once you have received your login name and password, you will go to: to access online billing and payment.

In addition, Student Accounts utilizes an Online Only billing process. Students are notified by email with a link to Zagweb and then to CASHNet® where the bill can be viewed, printed and/or paid. If you would like your parents or others to be able to view, print and/or pay your student account bill, you will need to set them up as an "Authorized Payer" in CASHNet®. The student is the only one that can grant permission for others to view their billing information. Student Accounts does not have access to do this for you. Students are encouraged to set up all authorized payers as soon as possible. Students can reach the CASHNet® site by going to and clicking on the Electronic Billing, Payment and Deposits link.

For additional information, view our Frequently Asked Questions link or for printable instructions, view our Step-by-Step Instructions.

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PO Box 3463
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