Ali Zander

What is your favorite place on campus?

The Herak Quad when everyone is out on the lawn when the weather is nice! It makes me want to stay and talk to everyone because all my friends are out there playing volleyball, frisbee, or catch. I also love alongside Lake Arthur on the Centennial Trail. I love to run and when I get to do so next to a great view it makes it enjoyable.

What about your favorite place in Spokane?

Madeleine's Cafe downtown or Atticus Coffee & Gifts. They're cool places to do homework or grab food off campus and you're in the heart of Spokane. Manito Park on Spokane's South Hill is a close tie because it is so pretty when all the flowers are blooming.

Which class and/or professor have you enjoyed the most so far?

Philosophy 101 with Dr. Chojonowski. He is the quirkiest, most entertaining professor I've had thus far, who made Philosophy, one of my worst subjects, better.

Give us a fun fact about you:

I swallowed a quarter when I was 5 and it got stuck in my throat. The x-ray showed a clear, perfect circle halfway down my esophagus. I had to get it surgically removed shortly after. Yikes...

What extra-curricular activity do you enjoy the most?

Other than Ambassadors, I would say the Gonzaga Ski & Snowboard Club. The bus rides up to Schweitzer and the days on the mountain were incredible. I met new people that loved the outdoors and winter sports.

Even though you haven't left Gonzaga yet, what is your favorite memory so far?

Welcome Night during Freshman Orientation because we were all together for the first time and excited to be Zags. I also loved during GEL Weekend, specifically getting the crowd all hyped for the hypnotist and dancing to the live band. After GEL Weekend, a handful of prospective students came up to thank me and all the Ambassadors for our hard work and finally, hearing them said "Because of this weekend, I'm a committed Zag."