Welcome to the Qualtrics support page for Gonzaga University

Gonzaga now subscribes to one of the leading survey and research data tools: Qualtrics.  All faculty, staff, and students have accounts, which can be accessed through the Qualtrics tile in myGU apps or by  logging-in with your Gonzaga username and password at https://gonzaga.qualtrics.com

Qualtrics Overview

Gonzaga subscribes to one of the leading survey and research tools: Qualtrics CoreXM. Qualtrics is an online collection and reporting system for academic research, general campus insights, assessments, case management, and administrative projects. All faculty, staff, and students have an account under Gonzaga’s license for administering surveys and web forms, developing reports, and visualizing statistics. It features 30 different graph types, 100+ question types, advanced branching and piping, skip and display logic, workflows, scoring, email triggers, role-based dashboards, collaboration with internal and external academic partners, and more! It has an intuitive interface that makes sophisticated surveys easy to create, launch, and analyze.

Accessing Qualtrics

All current Gonzaga University employees and students can access their individual Qualtrics account through the Qualtrics tile within myGU apps or via Gonzaga’s custom web URL: https://gonzaga.qualtrics.com. Login with your Gonzaga username (not full email) and password, as all GU users are authenticated with SSO (single sign-on). For quick access, add the Qualtrics tile to your myGU My Apps area by clicking the + symbol at far right of your current apps/tiles.

Account Activation

Even though everyone at Gonzaga has a Qualtrics account, each user must login to activate their account. This is an important first step when you want to collaborate with a colleague or want a colleague to collaborate with you.

Subsequent times logging-in you should land on your Projects dashboard; then click “See All Projects” to view your existing projects (surveys, forms, evals), create new projects, create folders for organization, view survey data, make a copy of a survey, close a survey, collaborate, etc.

Using Qualtrics and Accessing Qualtrics Help/Support

We recommend exploring the Qualtrics support page. There is a “Getting Started” program that will quickly teach you the basics of the survey platform, access here. Note: when prompted to sign-in to the Qualtrics Support Site, you must select sign in with SSO directly below the login fields; then for Organization ID, enter: Gonzaga (see pp. 3-4 below for more information). Qualtrics’ Basecamp training videos are an excellent place to start!

Changing the Time zone

The default time zone for Qualtrics is Mountain (Qualtrics’ headquarters is in Utah). We recommend that you change it now in order to ensure accuracy of future scheduled email distributions and survey open/close dates. Click on your Account profile icon in the top right corner.                                                   

Select Account Settings from the dropdown menu, which opens your User Settings. In the Change Time Zone section, update your account to the correct time zone (Pacific).

Knowledge Base Articles

Click the link below to view multiple ‘how-to’ documents related to Qualtrics processes.

Ready to dive into Qualtrics?

Gonzaga's Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Please follow the guidelines, processes, and expectations of Gonzaga's IRB whenever you are conducting human subject research as part of your study.

For more information about the IRB


Previous Qualtrics account

If you’ve had a Qualtrics account with a previous institution, you can request your surveys and data be migrated into your new Gonzaga account by calling Qualtrics Support at 1-800-340-9194. If requested, Gonzaga University's Brand ID is 'gonzaga.'