Welcome to the Nuventive support section!

"Nuventive is an easy-to-use enterprise solution that provides a configurable framework to support institutional assessment, quality improvement, strategic planning and accreditation."

Why should we use Nuventive?

Nuventive is a great way to assess how your department or program is progressing. It is easy to access (you just need a computer!) and use, which helps to streamline the assessment process. Nuventive Improve prompts you to develop specific goals for your department and relate them to institution-wide goals. With its user-friendly interface you can easily organize, assess and store results related to these goals. Results can then be used to view trends and see growth in the department or program.

How to Access Nuventive

To access the login page for Nuventive Improve go to in your web browser, then enter your regular Gonzaga username and password.