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Overview: Office of Sponsored Research & Programs / Controller's Office / Staff

Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP)

Our team works closely with faculty members and research staff to:
  • identify funding opportunities that align with research interests and program building efforts and student supportive services
  • review and assist in the preparation of proposals
  • negotiate awards with sponsors
  • proactive in identifying and resolving issues* that arise throughout the lifecycle of an offer.

*A primary responsibility of our staff is to protect interests of the University and its researchers (faculty and staff) in the areas of intellectual pursuits and creativity.

Jackie Van Allen, Director, (509) 313-5588

  • Acts as the lead contact for faculty and staff
  • Serves as the liaison with the Deans and Provost
  • Manages all pre/post award activities, delegating to team members as required
  • Manages internal review and approval processes
  • Develops and implements research policies and procedures as they relate to audit compliance, industry standards, and University goals
  • Provides resources related to searching for funding opportunities, development and preparation of research proposal submissions, contracts, agreements, and subcontracts
  • Conducts final review of application documentation and funding requirements prior to submission
  • Creates avenues for interdisciplinary internal and external collaborations
  • Negotiates internally when necessary, regarding institutional matching needs as required by sponsors
  • Acts as a resource advising faculty members on Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) requirements
  • Works with PI’s and Grant Accountant on post award management, including financial reporting and fund reconciliation
  • Works with the Controller’s Office to manage all cost sharing
  • Manages/updates pre/post award data for reporting analyses
  • Oversees research document work flow to ensure that Gonzaga’s IRB conducts reviews of human subject research protocols in accordance with federal requirements, University policies and procedures, and accreditation standards.

Controller's Office

Research finance is housed in the Controller’s Office and works with OSRP staff on research administrative matters relating to:

  • Award set up, including guidance on post-award financial management payroll, gift accounting, purchasing, etc.
  • Ensure accurate and compliant monthly accounting of drawdowns and expenditures
  • Complete and submit financial reports as required
  • Complete, submit, and collect on invoices
  • Assist with account reconciliation and closeout

Deena Presnell, University Controller, (509) 313-6803

Serves as Gonzaga University’s authorized approver for all financial documents coming from the Controller’s Office

Michelle Soss, Assistant Controller, (509) 313-6371

Reviews and approves reconciliations of grant financial reports as prepared by the grant accountant.

Christy Dennler-Lusco, Senior Accountant, Grants & Taxes (509) 313-6967 

  • Lead contact on grant post-awards and assists with management on all federal and non-federal grants
  • Create general ledger fund in Banner
  • Manage drawdowns, expense reimbursements, accounts receivables, invoicing, journal entries, cost transfers, etc.
  • Review and approve all grant expenditures, verifying they are allowable, reasonable, and part of the approved grant budget
  • Prepare financial reports based on expenses recorded in the general ledger
  • Submit quarterly/annual financial reports or invoices, depending on grant requirements
  • Request funds from granting agencies
  • Maintain a calendar of important dates on grant administration and notify PI of deadlines

Last update: 3, January 2024