Sponsored Research and Programs Office

The mission of the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (SRP) is to provide faculty and staff members with the support and resources needed to fund their creative, scholarly, service, and research efforts. The office also protects the interests of the University, departments, and faculty and staff members by ensuring compliance with sponsor rules and regulations. Our goal is to bring success to the University by securing external funding to provide more opportunities for faculty, staff, and students.

What is a sponsored project?

Sponsored projects are research, educational, or service projects undertaken in the name of Gonzaga University that are supported by sources external to the University. Projects may be supported with funding, materials, exchanges of in-kind efforts, or other types of compensation. Sponsors include federal, state, and other governmental entities, corporations, and private foundations.

Gonzaga Faculty & Staff

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What clients say:

  • “talking … about the project allowed me to articulate the idea in a more coherent way. I had a nugget of an idea, but [SRP] probes and questions really made it solid. [SRP] knows what funders may be looking for and how to frame the project to appeal to their needs as well. ….”
  • “It was great to have the initial consultation meeting and to lay out the timeline. … [SRP staff members were] very in tune with my schedule and knew when and when I would not be available. This was great because trying to write this in the midst of other teaching/committee duties is a challenge.”
  • “[SRP staff] became fluent in the grant's guidelines, ensuring that I did not miss a step in the process. Being able to rely on [SRP’s] fluency with the grant expectations took a lot of pressure off of me and allowed me to focus on content.”
  • “I didn’t have to worry that anything would be lost or forgotten, and everything I was told about how the process would go was correct. It was an incredibly smooth and painless experience, especially for a first-time grant writer.”
  • “Every partnership I’ve have with SRP has been helpful—whether or not we earn funding, I always learn something. Kathy, Joann, and Diane are professional, friendly, and helpful.”

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