2023-24 Call for Applications

Selection Process & Timeline

Postdoctoral Fellowship Eligibility: In order to qualify for Gonzaga’s Underrepresented Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship, candidates must provide evidence of completion of a doctoral degree before the starting date of August 2023.

Timeline: Applications are open for the upcoming Fall session.

The School of Leadership Studies has requested to host a postdoctoral faculty member:

The School of Leadership Studies invites you to join with us in learning leadership that is transformative and seeks to find the "fullness of being" in every aspect of the human experience. As you explore the School of Leadership Studies, you will find a comprehensive offering of undergraduate, graduate and professional education programs that prepare students for leadership practice within complex systems and socio-economic-political-and spiritual contexts.  Interested undergraduate students can pursue a minor in leadership in our Comprehensive Leadership Program, while graduate students have options that include a Master in Communications and Leadership Studies and the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies.  From webinars to certificate programs, we offer a wide variety of community and professional education through the Leadership Training and Development department. With flexible scheduling and technology enhanced learning platforms, students can be located anywhere in the world and are immersed with a community of learners across diverse settings and lived experiences.

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