Faculty and Guest Procession

Banners on Stage
Colorful banners from each academic school within Gonzaga University adorn the stage at Commencement and other ceremonies.

There are 6 banners carried in the inaugural procession, each representing Gonzaga University’s six colleges: The College of Arts and Sciences (1887); the School of Law (1912); the School of Business Administration (1921); the School of Education (1928); the School of Engineering (1934); and the School of Professional Studies (1975).

The background colors of the banners are in accordance with traditional academic heraldry: white for arts and sciences; orange for engineering; brown for business; purple for law.

Each flag is highlighted with a cross in Gonzaga blue upon which is placed the University seal. The College of Arts and Sciences is the original school with its flag colors consisting of both white for liberal arts and yellow for science. The School of Professional Studies unites the white of liberal arts with the apricot of nursing. The remaining four flags are in accordance with the academic heraldry outlined above.

Inauguration attendees from other universities and colleges proceed into the inauguration ceremony in order of their institution’s founding (with the oldest universities and schools entering first).