Holiday Break Security Tips


Let trusted neighbors or friends know you are leaving and ask them to keep an eye on your house. Leave exterior lights on. Lock all gates, doors and windows. Close all curtains.

If you would like your home checked while you are away on break, the Spokane Police Department Senior Volunteers offer this service. Services are provided Monday through Friday for up to 30 days. All doors and windows are physically checked including any out-buildings on your property. Call the Vacation Home Check Information line at (509) 622-5885 if you are interested in having this service provided to you.


If you live off-campus, you may want to park your car on campus over holiday breaks. The City of Spokane only allows parking on the street for up to twelve hours at a time. And, your car may be towed or blocked in by snowplows in the event of a snowstorm. Consider utilizing the free parking program offered by Campus Public Safety and Security. No permit is required but you must sign up at the CPS&S office located in lower Welch hall. Campus Security is not responsible for any damage or theft to vehicles if you choose to utilize this program. Remember to lock your vehicle and remove all valuables that may attract unwanted attention.


If you normally secure your bike outside, bring it inside while you’re gone over breaks.

Mail & Packages

If you will be gone more than two to three days, make arrangements to have your newspaper and mail deliveries stopped or picked up by a trusted neighbor or friend.

Whether you live on campus or off, you may rent a mailbox from the Gonzaga Mail Room for $35.00 per school year. Right now they are offering mailbox rentals for $20.00 for the rest of the school year. If you live on or off-campus and you have a mailbox through Gonzaga, you can have packages delivered to the secure mail room.

The United States Parcel Service offers the following service if you will be away from your off-campus residence for any period of time:

Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258-0069
Phone: 509.313.6445
Fax: 509.313.5199

Joe Madsen, Director of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management

Cassandra Stelter, Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management Specialist

Charles Murphy, Vice President for Finance

Marcia Bertholf, Assistant to Vice President for Finance