Employee Relations
Employee Resources

Employee Relations

Employee Relations seeks to:

  • Develop and maintain a positive relationship between employees and Gonzaga through programs, guidelines and policies that ensure fairness, respect and consistent treatment for all employees
  • Provide means for conflict resolution
  • Recognize the efforts and contributions of employees to Gonzaga and its mission
  • Assist in proactive training and development of employees and supervisors

When to engage with an employee relations specialist in Human Resources:

  • Advising and referring employees experiencing personal problems impacting the workplace
  • Assisting/coaching employees in managing relations with their supervisors
  • Developing and managing programs for employee recognition and appreciation
  • Review departmental guidelines for fairness and consistency with Gonzaga policies
  • Problem solving with supervisors around employee and organizational issues
  • Considering options for telecommuting and alternative work schedules
  • Setting expectations around performance and/or behavior concerns
  • Conflict resolution between two employees
  • Assisting supervisors and/or employees in escalation of disciplinary or performance issues and/or the grievance process per the Gonzaga University Policies and Procedures
  • Ensuring compliance with Gonzaga policies and procedures, and fair and consistent treatment

If an individual, team or entire department has an employee relations need, please contact Human Resources x5996 and ask for an employee relations specialist.

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