Sponsored Research and Programs Office

Mission Statement for Sponsored Research and Programs

The mission of the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs is to provide faculty with the support and resources they need to fund their creative, scholarly, service, and research efforts.* The office also protects the interests of the University, departments, and faculty by ensuring compliance with sponsor rules and regulations. Our goal is to bring success to the University by providing more research opportunities for faculty and students** and by improving and creating programs that the University could not otherwise afford to do without external funding.

Whether you are seeking public (governmental) or private (foundation/corporate) funding, your initial contact will be with our office. Please contact Joann Waite to get your funding process started.

* We welcome working with G.U. faculty and staff anywhere in the world, including in the Amazon, Russia, and Africa as well as on the G.U. campus in Spokane.
** During the 2009-10 academic year, 3,433 G.U. students, or nearly 45% of the student population, were involved in grant-funded activities.  "A Compilation of Sponsored Projects at Gonzaga University: 2006-2010" is available through the Sponsored Research Office.

Our office also oversees:

What is a sponsored project?

Sponsored projects are research or educational projects undertaken in the name of Gonzaga University that are supported by sources external to the University.  Projects may be supported with funding, materials, exchanges of in-kind efforts, or other types of compensation.  Sponsors include federal, state, and other governmental entities, corporations, and private foundations.

Research Polices and Processes

Last update:  27 May 2016; Policies and Processes link added 25 January 2016